PBN Hunter (Beta)

Find Your Competitor's Hidden Private Blog Network Backlink's For Free

PBN Hunter explained in 60 seconds

Enter your competitor's website below. Our system will then crawl the internet looking for related websites checking for PBN backlinks.
This process can take up to 24 hours but is typically much quicker.

Please note: this service is still in beta. Any feedback that can be provided will be greatly appreciated.

Search stats

Searches: 34,920

Websites crawled: 183,746,380

Links found: 3,799,040

Hidden links found: 908,400

What is PBN Hunter?

PBN Hunter is a web based application that allows you to find your competitors hidden backlinks. It has a free option and a paid option. The free option performs a lite search for hidden backlinks but does not include MOZ DA and the export feature. Also the lite search often has a high wait time and you'll be in a queue of other lite users.

What are hidden backlinks?

There are many types of hidden backlinks that can prevent you from seeing how your SEO competitors are truly ranking. Let's take a look at the top three types.

Why should I care about these hidden backlinks?

If you can't see these hidden backlinks in your competitor's backlink profile then you can't truly gauge how hard it will be to outrank them or why they are currently outranking you. You are essentially performing off page SEO audits blindly. Only by clearly seeing the off page SEO strategy of your competition can you know how much budget and time will have to be allocated to rank in your desired position. You would be surprised by just how many high competition keywords are being dominated by websites being powered up by powerful private blog network links. Some niches are incredibly hard to secure backlinks for in a safe Whitehat manner. Leaving paid backlinks and private blog networks as the only options. Private blog networks also have the advantage of being able to control off page SEO factors such as anchor text radios making them even more appealing.

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